Press Release

Digieffects, a developer of visual effects software plugins, today announced that Atmosphere is available for purchase. The Atmosphere plugin for After Effects simulates atmospheric conditions such as haze and fog in your composition.

Layers further away from the camera appear to be more deeply immersed in the haze/fog than layers closer to the camera. This also applies to
parts of layers: If one edge or area of a layer is closer to the camera, this area will appear less immersed in the haze/fog than the pixels
further away. You can simulate very realistic or very unrealistic types of atmospheric effects using the Atmosphere plugin.

According to Robert Sharp, president of Digieffects, “With Atmosphere we’re continuing our commitment to quality you can afford. Priced at
only $49, Atmosphere simulates atmospheric conditions like fog and haze in a realistic, convincing manner.

According to Mark Christiansen, author of The After Effects Studio Techniques books, and industry veteran who has worked on several feature
films including Avatar, comments “Atmospheric haze is part of life on planet Earth. Keeping track of it in a scene is a big chore. Mother
Nature is always up to the task, but if left on your own recreating her effects on 3D layers in After Effects, you’ll have an easier time with

Atmosphere / Trapcode Lux Bundle Available
For $229 (a $19 savings) you can get Trapcode Lux and Atmosphere bundled together. When used together, these two plugins are extremely useful. Lux is a stylistic aid that adds volumetric lighting effects to projects that require realistic spotlights, point lights, or stage lighting of
all kinds.

Pricing and Availability
Atmosphere is available immediately from Digieffects and its resellers for $49.

About Digieffects
Founded in 1996, Digieffects is a developer of visual effects software. We have tens of thousands of customers around the world including many of the leading brands in the media and entertainment business. We also service a variety of corporations, government agencies, universities, non-profit institutions, independent freelancers and hobbyists. Our software functions as “plugins” and work in conjunction with Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Combustion, Boris RED and Grass Valley Edius.