It was at some point early last summer when I finally abandoned an idea I had been working on for several months. I had taken a page of a WordPress blog and was attempting to catalog all of the iPhone apps I could find that were somehow related to post-production and filmmaking in general. I thought: “they’re just little iPhone apps, how many could there be?” But after quite a few late night hours searching through the iTunes app store, and copy/pasting from developer’s websites I shelved this idea. There were way more of these types of apps than I had anticipated and there were new ones coming online all the time. I remember thinking: “I hope someone develops a full site dedicated just to this topic.” Hand Held Hollywood is attempting to do just that.

From the Hand Held Hollywood website:

Film and video makers love gadgets.  We flock to any new technology that demonstrates the slightest potential to help us conceptualize, visualize and digitize our creative visions.  So why have we neglected that touch-screen powerhouse already in our pocket?  Hand Held Hollywood is here to change that.
HHH explores how Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone (and iPod Touch) can aid in nearly every aspect of film and video production.  This is a destination for those wishing to discus and discover the latest techniques and technology. It’s a place where every gadget obsessed writer, producer, director, cinematographer, composer, editor, actor, and otherwise can call home.
As manufacturers continue to create more powerful hand held devices, HHH will broaden its scope to include them.  But until there are viable alternatives, the iPhone has our full attention.

They’re smartly moving beyond just the iPhone with accessories, web apps and apps for other phone platforms s as well. There isn’t nearly as many available for platforms other than the iPhone but in time more will be produced. The web apps directory seems especially helpful as they can be accessed from most any platform. The directory is especially well thought out with links to the iTunes app store, the official developer website and a HHH review (where applicable).

Expect the site to grow as the Apple iPad hits store shelves. This device is ripe with potential for the filmmakers of the world. The larger screen size alone opens up a world of possibilities over just the iPhone/iPod Touch alone. I wrote up some thoughts on what might could happen with an iPad in post-production and the possibilities are indeed intriguing … that is if developers can get the access they need (or maybe just hack) to the device to really take advantage of the large multi-touch screen. I’m sure Hand Held Hollywood will keep track of all the iPad developments as well. If HHH doesn’t do it then someone else well.

Hand Held Hollywood