Let’s be honest here …. there’s no shortage of one-click film-look style emulation plug-ins available for Final Cut Pro. The biggies Magic Bullet Looks and Nattress Film Effects come to mind. Now we can add another one to the list: FxAndy.

Apply the filter and then you can choose a myriad of different camera simulations and print simulations to achieve the style and look you want. Those simulations can be further tweaked with a number of different sliders. There’s so many options it might take you awhile to find that right look. Is there a point where too many options are well … too many options? It’s a pretty good bang for the buck though as the plug-in is available for $129 until April 1, 2010. And there’s a demo available with two simulations.

The FxAndy website says the plug-in is based off similar technology originally built for processing RAW still images. That’s kind of a neat idea to port that over to the moving image. With DSLRs shooting video these days it’s a very 2010 thing to do. From the FxAndy website:

FxAndy is the brother of Andrea – Film Simulation for Bibble 5, the pre-eminent film simulator for the RAW processor Bibble 5. Andrea is an essential part of the style of professional still photographers all over the world, and now with the completely rewritten and speed optimized Final Cut plugin, the same looks are finally available for cinema.

Does the FCP world really need another film look plug-in? That’s debatable … but if FxAndy (and only FxAndy) has that look your are going for then I guess the answer would be yes. And to be fair, you can get some pretty cool looks with it.