Customizable "2-up" view and high-res zoom come to the 3Gb/s waveform monitor

Blackmagic Design Inc today announced a new software update for Blackmagic UltraScope, the world’s first 3Gb/s SDI and optical fiber waveform monitor. This latest update adds a new customizable "2-up" view, greater support for different monitor sizes and a super high resolution zoom of Parade, Waveform, Vectorscope and Picture displays.
With this latest update Blackmagic UltraScope can now work in a new compact “2-up” view, so you can use any combination of the six displays in a side-by-side view, which is perfect for displays smaller than 24 inches. Blackmagic UltraScope customers still have the option to view all six displays simultaneously with Parade, Waveform, Component Vectorscope, Histogram, Picture View and Audio Monitoring, in the traditional “Full Screen” view on a 1920×1200 resolution monitor.

With support for 1920×1200, 1920×1080 and 1280×800 resolution monitors, Blackmagic UltraScope can now be used with a wide range of monitors, both large and small. Now you can use screen sizes smaller than 24 inches, which is perfect for outside broadcast vans or in-studio rack mounting.

Blackmagic UltraScope now also features a powerful zoom function, with super high-resolution pan and zoom of graticules for the Parade, Waveform, Vectorscope and Picture displays. The zoom feature is perfect for editors and colorists requiring pixel accurate measurements such as matching blacks from different video sources.

“One the most requested features for Blackmagic UltraScope was a high quality and easy to use zoom function,” said Grant Petty, CEO Blackmagic Design. “It is so important when you’re working on color critical jobs where you are matching blacks and need to correct subtle differences.”

About Blackmagic UltraScope

Blackmagic UltraScope is a combination PCI Express card and software designed to work in a low cost PC. UltraScope has six waveform monitor displays that can show RGB and YUV parade, luminance, digitally synthesized composite, luminance & composite, vector-scope, histogram, eight channel audio metering, 2D audio scope, and picture view with video standard display and HD RP-188/SD VITC reader display. Display all six waveforms in a “Full Screen” view or for a more compact view use the “2-up” side-by-side view. Blackmagic UltraScope has advanced features such as a high resolution zoom and pan function for pixel accurate matching of blacks.

Blackmagic UltraScope is like having six independent waveform monitors combined into one product. UltraScope automatically detects between SD, HD and 3Gb/s HD-SDI video standards and includes both traditional copper BNC SDI inputs as well as optical fiber SDI inputs. SDI input is available as a relocked SDI loop through on both optical and copper SDI outputs. Blackmagic UltraScope is the world’s first PC based waveform monitor that’s technically accurate and combined with an elegant design. This combination makes it perfect for master monitoring, quality control, edit suites, color correction, equipment rooms and video engineers.

Availability and Price

This new Blackmagic UltraScope 1.2 software update is available now free of charge from the Blackmagic Design website to all registered Blackmagic UltraScope customers. Download at

Blackmagic UltraScope is available from Blackmagic Design resellers for US $695.