If you have anything to do with the RED camera in general, and posting RED footage more specifically, then you are probably well aware of Clipfinder, the amazingly cool and useful utility from Hans-Georg Daun that has been a staple of many a RED workflow for quite a while now. It was a Useful Tools for Editors about a year ago and if that statement was ever true it was true for Clipfinder. It was quite unbelievable that such a piece of software could be free. Hans was relying on donations and to quote Han’s website: “As of March 5, 2010, I had received 59 donations for a total amount of $2245.69.” I don’t think anyone could expect a developer to continue such a great product with no real return on the investment that they put into it. With that the next version of Clipfinder moves to 2.5 and will cost $100. It’s available today for purchase at the new Clipfinder website. This 2.5 version is beta and if you purchase you’ll get a $100 discount on the “next generation product.” I guess that means a free upgrade to what is being called Clipmeister. I can’t wait to see what that one does. As one of those who did donate to the old Clipfinder I can say that the product has always worked well and I wouldn’t have any problem paying for this as a beta. The last free version will be a build of the current 2.2 version which the website says will be available soon. Keep up the good work, Hans, as you’ve been building a great little application.