This little update might come as a welcome treat to those of you who are using Sorenson’s newest update to Squeeze: Squeeze 6 (check out our Studio Monthly review of Squeeze 6 if you aren’t familiar with this full-featured encoding application). Once cool feature of Squeeze 6 is the Preset Exchange. This is an online depository for many different types of presets for Squeeze 6:

Download a preset, double-click to install and you have a new option within Squeeze:

This type of preset distribution allows for some very quick support of new and emerging devices, such as the case with the iPad. The Internet is all about sharing and the Preset Exchange supports that idea. Of course you have to buy Squeeze 6 and some Final Cut Studio users who already have Compressor installed might not see the need for another encoding application. But if you’ve ever had any of the numerous Compressor problems then you might be ready to try another option.

I had also never noticed some specific pages on the Sorenson website that details how Squeeze 6 can integrate with Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas. Options are a good thing.