The Post Group had an open house to show off its array of file-based post services, which include TV show finishing, restoration/remastering and feature film digital intermediates.

The company is one of several under the umbrella of Post Start 2 Finish, owned by Matt and David Cooper who are behind Lightning Media, which offers duplication, DVD replication and new media services. In addition to Lightning Media, Post Start 2 Finish includes Runway editing system rentals, Look Effects visual effects, design and on-set supervision, The Boulevard Sound Services (formerly Novastar), iO Film digital intermediates, film-outs and 2K/4K scanning.

The Post Group houses seven DI suites, outfitted with either da Vinci 2K Plus for linear DIs and the Digital Vision Nucoda for nonlinear color correction. The facility also has an Avid DS Nitris for finishing. According to director of engineering Bob Wilson, The Post Group has 300 TB of storage on two SANs.

The entire facility is digital tapeless, acquisition independent, edit system independent. The companies can also work entirely film-based, entirely file-based or tapeless or mix tape, tapeless and file-base technologies.

According to The Post Group executive vp Ken Blaustein, the majority of the work at the facility is with TV shows. TV shows from the 2009 – 2010 season that went through The Post Group for a variety of services include Numb3rs, House, CSI, Blue Mountain State, Crash, Forgotten, Miami Medical, Nikita, Past Life, Playing With Guns, The Odds and The Wannabes.

Restoration and remastering work forms 25 percent of the work at The Post Group. Recent projects in-house include a complete remastering of all five seasons of the Twilight Zone television series for Blu-Ray. Colorist Paul Schramm, assisted by colorist Paul Allia, used the Nucoda Film Master to complete tape-to-tape, scene-to-scene color correction and grain management.

“We are big fans of Nucoda for color grading and restoration,” says Blaustein. “The grain management tools are great.”

The Post Group,with iO Film, is in the midst of a 2K remastering of Apocalypse Now Redux, the extended version of the 1979 film, for Blu-Ray and DCP. Senior DI colorist Doug Delaney is working on the Nucoda Film Master. The MTI DRS will be used for additional clean up.

Colorists Wade Felker, Chris Killian and Scott Fox also work on HD transfers with full color correction and audio restoration on titles in the Sleepy Dog Productions library. The team evaluates the archival elements, transfers from the best elements possible, using the Spirit and the da Vinci 2K .Sound restoration is handled at Post Start 2 Finish’s audio facility, The Boulevard.

The Post Group also provides remastering services for feature titles and trailers from the MGM library.