If the title of this blog post, “Thinking of Switching to Premiere Pro CS5?” got your attention, then you might be interested in a new page on Adobe’s website called: Switching to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. It is from Adobe corporate and therefore features a fair amount of Adobe propaganda. But it’s still a nice one-stop-shop for all things Premiere Pro CS5. You’ve got Top reasons to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro. These take the curious through a lot of detailed bullet points about what PPro CS5 has to offer, with links to deeper reading. Review and testimonials are just that; reviews from around the web and testimonials from filmmakers. Customer Stories links to a number of stories about PPro and the entire CS5 suite being used in production environments today. Especially interesting to those Avid and Final Cut Pro people might be several PDFs linked under the Resources section targeted right at those users. There are also a lot of Tutorials that take the viewer through features and elements of what Adobe has to offer. And finally, there are some great links to demo versions and the Adobe store.

This content isn’t really anything new and revolutionary that will drive the masses to Premiere Pro CS5. But it is a nicely assembled page that can answer a lot of questions for those looking to make the jump or just gather more general information about PPro CS5. If you’re one who falls into that category then click over and get your Premiere questions answered.