Digital Rebellion has recently released a new tool that adds additional functionality to one of its other very useful tools, FCS Maintenance Pack. The new FCS Maintenance Pack Network Admin will let a system administrator perform the tasks and functions of the maintenance pack remotely. A full rundown of the tool was posted on the Digital Rebellion site just over a week ago. Some basic bullet points about the new tool (from the Digital Rebellion site):

  • Perform maintenance tasks across the network simultaneously
  • Sync plugins, preferences, user paths and scheduled tasks between computers
  • Use the Difference Finder tool to find the differences in specification between computers on the network, allowing you to determine why a particular system isn’t working correctly when others are fine
  • View aggregate crash statistics including the number of crashes across the network per day, week or month, the most common cause of crashes, and the most and least stable machines
  • Users can alert administrators to problems on their system, allowing the administrator to resolve them remotely
  • Maintenance tasks can also be scheduled to run automatically on every system

Full pricing includes both five-user and unlimited licenses, as well as bundles of the Network Admin tool with FCS Maintenance Pack (it has to be installed on all the client computers that you might be admin-ing to on your network. As always, there’s a free trial available.