Free Online Software Available to Creative Enterprise Dramatically Improves Creative Workflows Leading to Greater Productivity, Enhanced Collaboration and Higher Profit Margins

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (October 27, 2010) ‘ GridIron Software, leading providers of project operating systems for enterprise, today introduced the public beta release of GridIron Flow 2.0 Essentials. This free, cross-platform Project Operating System defines a new category of technology designed to help creative professionals as well as enterprises solve a variety of problems inherent to workgroups that lead to non-creative work, lost productivity and profits. With the public beta release, GridIron Software will request user feedback on product features and functionality, which will ensure that high quality standards are sustained with all GridIron Software products.
GridIron Flow 2.0 is the first example of a new category of technology for efficient project and resource management.   Utilizing a SaaS model, GridIron Flow 2.0 attacks issues experienced by creative professionals: working with distributed teams without tools to track their productivity, and no way to automatically track files, users and project relationships, and their dependencies, while also providing real-time resources allocation data enabling better planning, pricing and asset management. GridIron Flow 2.0 leverages the cloud, creating a SaaS model product that adds capability without hampering the intrinsic workflow of the creative process.

“The concept behind GridIron Flow 2.0 is to balance the needs of both creative professionals and management while increasing the productivity of both,” said Udo Eberlein, CEO of GridIron Software.   “Creative professionals need a flexible working environment to be creative, but management needs effective tracking and quantitative analysis to allocate resources.   GridIron Flow 2.0 provides a process environment that enables visibility into resource allocation and tools that minimize waste and inefficiency. We are releasing a public beta version first to ensure we meet the needs and expectations of the creative enterprise with a trusted and quality product.”

Key Features of GridIron Flow 2.0 Essentials – FREE DOWNLOAD, AVAILABLE NOW

• Project Collaboration
Effective project management via Project Maps.

• Organization
Efficient file management via File Maps.

• Secure, Synchronized Online File sharing
Innovative new method of directly sharing and synchronizing creative file assets online. Free 4GB capacity included.

• Workflow Maps                                                                      
A 30,000-foot view of a project in an instant.   View all the files in your project and file relationships, even when offline.                                                                      

• Real-time Asset Tracking
Automatic background tracking of the whole creative process.   See real-time changes as they occur.

• Visual Search
Simple yet comprehensive file search.

• Effective communication
Effective project collaboration with other team members.

GridIron Flow 2.0 Premium Services

GridIron Flow 2.0 leverages the cloud, creating a SaaS model product enhancing the features of the Flow 2.0 Essentials product. GridIron Software will offer Premium Services with monthly or annual options.   The following Premium Services will be made available with the official GridIron Flow 2.0 product launch coming in Q4 2010:
·           Versions
Increase productivity and create an automated safety net with our transparent versioning technology
·           Time Manager
Completely automatic process of tracking how much time was spent on projects
·           Overflow
·           50GB of secure online storage and syncing

Pricing and Availability

GridIron Flow 2.0 Essentials Public Beta is available via FREE download at .

GridIron Flow 2.0 Premium Services subscriptions will be available in Q4 2010 as follows:

Versions – $9.99/month

Time Manager – $9.99/month

Overflow – $9.99/month

Premium Services Suite – $19.99/month (Bundle of all three services)

For more information about the company and its products please visit