Full-Day Session Will Consider Unique Digital Workflow Cases

The annual Hollywood Post Alliance tech retreat is famously a smorgasbord of delicious information about cutting-edge technology and workflow, and the menu this coming year looks to be as tasty as ever. The conference runs from February 14 to 18, 2011.
On Tuesday, HPA will present a full-day super session on “Workflow Snowflakes,” considering three detailed case studies for feature films and television. And ATSC is pulling together a concurrent all-day session looking at “Next-Generation Broadcast Television.” On Monday, Charles Poynton presents a workshop on working without CRT displays – still a bit of a sore spot for the visual perfectionists who populate the Hollywood post world – titled “Studio Reference Displays: Technology, Standards, and Missing Standards.”

For the first time this year, attendees will be invited to vote on which of the technologies they saw in the conference’s demo room were the best. And Program Chair Mark Schubin is still taking requests for topics for the conference’s three days of breakfast roundtables, where a variety of topics – from the universally pressing to the esoterically frustrating – are considered over bacon, eggs, and more.

For more information: www.hpaonline.com.