For the 25th year, BandPro Film & Digital opened up its doors in Burbank to the end-of-the-year open house, equipment expo and party that everyone in the industry has come to expect. In addition to the open bar and fabulous food, the BandPro Digital Open House is the place to run into a veritable who’s who of cinematographers, camera operators, production and post executives and everyone else in the industry.

The event always features the latest gear from numerous manufacturers and this one was no exception. Anton/Bauer showcased its DIONIC HCX 120-watt-hour capacity battery, CINE VCLX Batteries, SO-SF35 and SO-14/28R Snap-On Belts. The DIONIC HCX also offers a new motion detection sensor that protects against capacity loss. After a two-day period without a load, it automatically goes into “deep sleep,” extending storage.

Codex Digital showed off its file-based workflow, demonstrating its Desktop Transfer Station, which was introduced at IBC this year. Element Technica announced that its 3D Quasar stereoscopic camera rig was chosen by cinematographer Irek Hartowicz for Leopolis Films’ feature Napoleon Kaput 3D. The comedy, set during the 1812 war between France and Russia, is being shot on locations in Kiev and Yalta, Ukraine. The GENUS Hurricane 3D rig is an entry-level, cost effective 3D mirror rig, that is intended to make 3D production accessible to video enthusiasts, owner operators and anyone else who would previously not been able to afford the use of a mirror rig.

Innovision Optics showed its lightweight rain deflector, which spins a high-speed rotating clear filter in front of the camera’s lens for shooting in the rain and snow without having to stop and clean the lens. The 12-ounce system is gyro free, low profile and spins at 50 reps per second. The unit mounts easily and fits most film and video lenses. Also shown was the HD Probe lens, the first long tubular lens system made specifically for HD production.

K-Tek unveiled its Norbert Filmmaker Kit, which is designed for professional and prosumer DSLR and compact HD video cameras. The new kit comes with a height-adjustable black anodized aluminum frame (with Manfrotto quick release plate and dovetail), iris rod clamp with 8” carbon fiber iris rods, and two locking handgrips. The aluminum frame is an assortment of accessory slots, standard shoe mounts, and 1/4” x 20 and 3/8” x 16 threaded holes for attaching lights, audio accessories, monitors, video streaming devices, and more—that offer the user countless creative options when configuring the system  for shooting stills or video.

Litepanels brought its new Sola Fresnel series, with beam control of 10° to 70°. Sola Fresnels feature instant dimming from 100% to 0 with no noticeable color shift; the SolaENG provides manual focus and dimming control via camera lens style ergonomic controls.

OConnor introduces the O-Box WM, a two-stage wide-angle mattebox for the 16:9 format full-size sensor. It accommodates lenses up to 18mm (and in some cases wider) and accepts up to three filters; the rear frame is rotatable 360 degrees. The O-Box WM also features integrated handgrip interfaces that can be attached directly to the O-Box support cage in tcamera left, right or bottom center.Oppenheimer Camera Products’ new On-Camera ViewfinderMount System is designed as a studio-style viewfinder for ” most electronic cameras from Sony, Panasonic, RED, Arri and others.” The system’s Pivel device allows the Monitor Yoke to swing left and right while arcing up and down to provide full adjustment for the camera

Petrol Bags introduced the Cambio convertible equipment bag/camera support system. A carry-on sized smooth-rolling camera carrier that transforms into a lightweight support system for small video camcorders, the Cambio camera carrier has an wide U-shaped opening, room for a camera, tripod head, and accessories, and twin straps of hook & loop material that anchor the bag’s front flap open when inserting/removing the camera or converting to the support system.

A new fluid head for DSLR cameras was shown by Sachtler. The Cine DSLR has a payload range of 2 to 11 pounds, a counterbalance in ten steps as well as three vertical and horizontal grades of drag and a camera plate with an anti-twist retainer for HD DSLR cameras.

S.two showed its FlashPort I transfer station for FlashMag, a Fiber Channel-based means for fast file transfers. Vinten introduced its Vector 430, intended to “bridge the gap” between the company’s Vision and Vector ranges. This pan and tilt head incorporates Vinten’s Perfect Balance technology, offers a capacity range of  22 to 94.8 lbs and is simple to rig and transport.

Sony Electronics unveiled its PMW-F3, a lightweight camcorder with a Super 35mm CMOS imager, for a basic list price of $16,000. Designed for commercial, documentary, television and feature film production, the camcorder is available with a low-cost PL lens kit, which includes 35/50/85mm T2.0 fixed focal length lenses (which brings the total price to $23,000). The F3 camcorder is based on Sony’s XDCAM EX workflow and uses Sony’s SxS ExpressCard-based recording media format. The PL mount adapter can handle both upcoming Sony’s zoom lenses, and cine lenses from Cooke, Fujinon and Zeiss.