The Foundry's STORM

Do you work with footage from the RED? Do you like playing around with new tools for free? The Foundry is inviting everyone to take a look at the beta release of its new RED workflow software, STORM, which was first demo’d at NAB 2010. The Foundry says it’ll help you check the exposure, focus, and color of your takes, set looks on set, and create dailies. The only catch? If you want to keep using it past the v1.0 release scheduled for March 1, 2011, you’ll have to pay for it — $375.

STORM image viewer

STORM is meant to be used on or near the set, where it can help ensure the quality and suitability of the footage being captured. It supports real-time playback with multiple viewers and displays, plus real-time scopes. It allows flexible tagging and trimming of clips, technical and creative color-grading, and export to QuickTime, DPX and OpenEXR. It also features an edit timeline and options to export a bin structure or timeline to Final Cut Pro. All processing is floating-point and GPU-accelerated, The Foundry says.

To test-drive STORM, you’ll need not only some RED footage, but also a Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, or iMac with at least 2 GB of RAM running Snow Leopard. If you’ve got a RED ROCKET installed, STORM will rev that bad boy right up to process R3D footage. For more info, click on over to The Foundry’s STORM pages. The page to register for the public beta is here.