Yesterday, the world of Vimeo just got a little larger. Vimeo Plus users can now upload video files beyond the current 2 GB limit up to a 5 GB file. That’s enough server space to post a two-and-a-half-hour feature or documentary in HD.

YouTube has offered full-length films since 2009. But those uploads, typically third-tier or older films, are controlled by the major studios via specific studio channels. Vimeo, by contrast, is opening up the 5 GB option to anyone who pays the $59.95 per year or $9.95 per month Vimeo Plus membership fee. The new feature is currently in beta, so expect a few hiccups in the days ahead. Says Blake Whitman, who blogged about it on Vimeo’s site, “We ask you to bear with us as we work out any bugs that pop up once everyone starts using it. We’re aware of some issues with our desktop uploader (only accepts files up to 4 GB) and a few issues with Internet Explorer, so check the Help Forum for known issues and updates as we work through all the kinks.”

Just one more way to get your film in front of a new audience and your peers.