Twilight Calculator

When the Terrence Malick inside of you gets that itch to shoot at the magic hour, you may find yourself in need of the Twilight Calculator. A super-cool adaptation of Google Maps to the needs of photographers and cinematographers, the web application lets you choose any location on the planet, either by clicking on the map or specifying latitude and longitude, and specify a date between 2009 and 2015. In return, you’ll get the precise timing of sunrise and sunset (and moonrise and moonset) along with a directional overlay that shows you exactly where, on the horizon, the sun and moon will be appearing.

It’s not like you need a fancy-pants web app to tell you when the light is good where you live. But this could come in handy for planning golden-hour shoots in distant or unfamiliar locations, especially if you’re trying to figure out exactly what angle the light will be coming from in a shadowed urban location or the like. It’s developed by Jens Koßmagk, and it’s hosted in the “Tools” section of his website.

[via PetaPixel]