January 3,  2011  – In an effort to foster growth and collaboration in the local post production industry, various film and television post production facilities and labor unions operating in New York have established the Post New York Alliance.
Members have united around the belief that a unified industry presents the post production community with better opportunities to develop and promote public policy that benefits the film and television industry as a whole. The alliance believes that as a group it can protect the industry’s creative capital, attract new talent to New York and strengthen the local economy.

The alliance was formed as a result of the recent passage of the New York State Post Production tax credit program this past August. The NY State Post Production credit is a fully refundable 10% tax credit on qualified post production costs paid in the production of a qualified film at a qualified post production facility in New York State. Eligible productions include: feature films, episodic television series, pilots, TV movies and miniseries.

This program is separate from the New York State Film Production tax credit program, although that program does include post-production as part of the costs eligible for the credit. For information on the New York State Post Production credit, visit nylovesfilm.com/tax/postProduction.htm

Among the members of the Post New York Alliance are: Brainstorm Digital, C5, Company 3, CSS Studios, Deluxe New York, Digital Cinema, Dolby Production Services, Mega Playground, Motion Picture Editors Guild, Post Factory NY, Postworks New York, Sound Lounge, Sound One, Sync Sound, Technicolor and Trevanna Post.

To learn more about the Post New York Alliance, visit postnewyork.org.