Enhanced Sorenson 360 OVP Supports All Major Video Players, Provides Advanced WebM Support and Social Media Integration

SAN DIEGO (March 15, 2011)-Sorenson Media today announced a series of robust new features within the Sorenson 360 online video platform (OVP), which provide customers with increased flexibility and customizability to improve delivery of dynamic video content across the Web.
“With more video formats and players than ever before, customers demand choice and control. We designed this new feature to give them both, without sacrificing the ease of use for what is already the most intuitive and highest-quality OVP on the market,” said Eric Quanstrom, COO of Sorenson Media. “With these enhancements, users benefit not only with from full integration with social media tools and the industry-best Squeeze encoding engine, but also from Sorenson 360’s unique mix of comprehensive advantages.”  

View Sorenson 360’s full feature set at: www.sorensonmedia.com/video-delivery-network/http://www.sorensonmedia.com/video-delivery-network/

The enhanced feature set builds on Sorenson 360’s standing reputation for high-quality, full-featured video management and delivery, and enables users to publish video in the widest variety of formats and uncapped, unlimited data rates for playback on any computer or mobile device. The key new features include:

• Full Video Player Compatibility: Users can now choose from all major video players, such as Flash, Quicktime, HTML5 and Silverlight, to publish video in the most popular formats, including Flash (Spark and VP6), MPEG-4 (H.264), WebM and Windows Media (VC1).
• WebM Support: Like all Sorenson Media products and services, Sorenson 360 supports WebM encoding and playback for users interested in creating Web environments using HTML5.
• Facebook Integration: With an integrated button on the video player, users are able to post their video along with comments directly to their Facebook accounts, which can in turn be spread virally via the popular social media site.
• Automated Video Sitemaps for SEO: Advanced search engine optimization (SEO) tools and consistent indexing by major search engines enable customers to have their videos found, without extraordinary effort.
• Closed Captioning Support: Useful for compliance or providing subtitles as part of the video experience.  
• Direct Sorenson Squeeze Server Integration: For users with large volumes of video encoding and delivery needs, the Squeeze Server/Sorenson 360 integration gives users a unique tool that utilizes Sorenson Media’s encoding prowess to create the highest-quality video as well as the intuitive and custom video management and delivery capabilities of the Sorenson 360 OVP.

For the past six months, IDEA Health & Fitness Association has been using Sorenson 360 to encode, manage and deliver hundreds of educational fitness videos to its user base of health, wellness and fitness professionals. With the new integration of Sorenson Squeeze Server, this leading health and fitness organization plans to further streamline the process it uses to encode and manage content submitted by its clients, while also enabling those users to tap into Sorenson 360’s user-specific content management capabilities.

“Since implementing Sorenson 360, we have been able to streamline so many steps in the online video delivery process that used to require a lot of hours and expertise to manage,” said Gus Aguirre, User Interface Designer for IDEA Health & Fitness Association. “We have already begun testing the Sorenson Squeeze Server integration and love what we see. The true beauty of Sorenson 360 is that it allows us to focus more time on the products and services we provide. The video quality, speed and options we have with Sorenson 360 enable us to get our visual messages out to an ever-wider audience of fitness and wellness professionals.”

In addition to the seamless integration with Squeeze Server and other new features, Sorenson 360 users have access to the OVP’s:

• Powerful, best-in-class quality encoding with professional filters
• Multi-user and sub-account functionality
• Seamless integration with the leading video production suites, such as Apple’s Final Cut and iMovie, Adobe Premiere and Avid’s suite of editing applications
• Intelligent embed codes, including native support for iPhone, iPad and other Apple products
• Detailed engagement analytics
• HD video support
• Reliable, redundant, scalable cloud service built on Amazon Web Services infrastructure
• APIs for developers

Sorenson 360’s superior video quality is based on Sorenson Media’s history of encoding expertise and understanding of online video needs. Working seamlessly with the company’s gold-standard video encoding application, Sorenson Squeeze, and all versions of Sorenson Squeeze Server, Sorenson 360 enables customers to employ optimized presets, video filters, fully customizable players and unlimited data rates for RTMP streaming across 15 points-of-presence throughout the globe.

Pricing and Availability

The new features are available in every Sorenson 360 account. For additional pricing and feature information, contact sales@sorensonmedia.com.