New server, content storage, signal transmission, routing and production tools are all a result of the company's new technology developments

San Francisco, Calif., April 4, 2011 — At NAB 2011, Grass Valley will be premiering several innovative technologies that have enabled the development of some exciting new products. The products, to be announced at NAB 2011, will help to redefine the state-of-the art in the performance and function in each of these product segments.
<h2>Media Servers & Content Storage: Less means more </h2>
While no other server system on the market can match the Grass Valley K2 servers’ bandwidth scalability or capability, we’ll be bringing something to NAB 2011 that will give you less… for less: less components, less complexity, less rack space, and less cost. But there are two things you’ll get more of: performance and reliability.

<h2>Camera Signal Transmission: Breaking down barriers again</h2>
What if you never had to worry about transporting your video formats? What if you never had to worry about whether you had to use triax or fiber? What if you had a camera transmission system that took the worry out of today’s sophisticated broadcasts?
At NAB 2011, Grass Valley will introduce the next big idea in camera signal transmission. Your OB truck will never be the same!

<h2>Routing Switcher: Innovative flexibility</h2>
With more than 60 million crosspoints installed around the world since 2001, the Trinix routing switcher is the world’s most popular router. But you might be wondering what have you done for me lately? At NAB 2011, we’ll show you, with new ways to monitor and transport your signals that are fully compatible with the first generation Trinix we shipped in 2001, as well as the newest generation Trinix NXT debuting this year.

<h2>Production Tools: Raising workflow efficiencies to new heights</h2>
We looked at how today’s collaborative workflow systems work, and then thought about how they should work, and we developed something wonderful. Built on 15 years of experience in file-based workflows as well as our vast experience in third-party integration, this new architecture does away with tools defining the task and lets the task define the tools. While it sounds like pie-in-the-sky thinking, it’ll raise your workflow efficiencies to new heights.