Way back in 2009 I posted about a useful tool called Post Haste. It was a little app designed by editor Paul Conigliaro that addressed his need to keep his post-production projects organized. That app has now been reborn and upgraded to 2.0. With that upgrade it moves over to the developers at Digital Rebellion to continue its life there.


Here’s the demo video:

Organization is one of the most important parts of post-production. I often work with jobs that have many different types of elements coming in at different times, so this little application has always made that organization easy. You don’t have to think about where to store elements, as Post Haste makes that place for you. Plus it’s customizable to suit most needs. The best part is Post Haste is still free in its new home at Digital Rebellion. There are two ways to get Post Haste 2.0: You can download it right from the download button on the Post Haste page or you can use the Mac App Store. The two versions are slightly different (it has to do with permissions) but that’s addressed in the Post Haste FAQ.