Facility Expands Purview to Include Encoding, QC, Graphics and Titling Services

West Side L.A. post facility Post Haste Sound has expanded its range of services, adding a new video suite equipped with Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. It's offering graphics and titling, QC of both file-based and tape-based sources (including HDCAM SR and D5), and encoding and transcoding.
Among the first clients for the new video services is 20th Century Fox Television, which brought a 115-episode remastering job through the doors with all six seasons of its late-1980s/early-1990s series The Wonder Years. Post Haste says it also provided “extensive” music-replacement services for the show, which showed up on Netflix (streaming only) this month, sans iconic Joe Cocker theme song. (The show reportedly used over 300 different pieces of music in its run, none of which were cleared for home-video release.)

The company will continue to offer its mixing, ADR, Foley, audio remastering and restoration services to a client list that includes Sony, HBO, and others. “We’ve made it a very inviting, creative, and client-friendly place,” said co-founder Allan Falk in a prepared statement.

For more information: posthastesound.com.