Many of you already know the Photojojo newsletter and Web site for its sometimes wacky but often useful photography tips and DIY projects. The site also has a popular online store and several of the newest products are so perfectly conceived they deserve a place on every camera-centric’s holiday gift list. Here are my favorites:

1. The Canon Lens Mug (above). What could be better than sipping your caffeinated poison of choice out of a lookalike Canon 24 – 105 mm lens? Taking an even bigger gulp out of a Canon 70 – 200 mm white telephoto zoom. The store also offers a Nikon Lens Mug.

2. Canon or Nikon Lens Pillow. The next time you’re stuck at the airport or on a break, just grab your “huggable” 50 mm prime lens pillow and catch up on your sleep.

3. Shot Glass Lens Set. No comment, though they could easily do double duty storing paper clips or thumbtacks on your desk.

4. Wood Camera iPhone 4/4s Case. Go sustainable and old school with one simple case.

5. iPhone Lens Dial. Create a whole kaleidoscope of look references for your next project.

6. Vintage Camera Mobile. Those with a new generation to indoctrinate will want to hang this lovely vintage camera mobile in the nursery. After all, babies respond to black-and-white contrasts before they respond to color.

7. The (Yes, It’s Really Real) iPhone SLR Mount. If you’re crazy enough to try it, why not hook your SLR lens to your iPhone 4s?