You can follow lots of filmmakers on Twitter. @BradBirdA113 just joined. It seems like @ThatKevinSmith has been there forever. But few directors have taken to Twitter and the Internet with the uncensored abandon and combative glee exhibited by @JosephKahn.

Kahn (left) is a Grammy- and MTV VMA-winning music-video and commercial director (and film-school drop-out) who jumped into features with 2004’s Torque, followed by the self-financed horror comedy Detention, which was picked up by Sony last year. He’s also a big proponent of digital cameras from RED and elsewhere, and routinely proselytizes for digital shooting formats. You may remember his highly irreverent How to Be a Director blog post, which our own Scott Simmons linked up back in 2010.

Following a late-December “film-versus-video tweet fight” with film critics about whether digital cinematography can match “the film look,” it hasn’t taken long for Kahn to get back in fighting form for the new year. Following are the top 10 Joseph Kahn tweets of 2012 … to date. (Click the image to see a bigger version.)