During NAB Assimilate gave attendees a sneak peek at how its DI color system SCRATCH, currently in version 6, and the newer on-set digital dailies and review software SCRATCH Lab will evolve in upcoming versions. Said the company's Steve Bannerman, the next versions will feature an exanded toolset for the already merging skillsets of DITs, VFX artists, colorists and editors both on or near set and in post. The next versions of the software, he added, will include a deeper set of 2D and 3D compositing tools that work in tandem with SCRATCH's already robust and real-time media management and color grading toolkit.

In its first booth on the show floor, Assimilate also officially announced support for Sony's F65 and announced new support for AMD's Radeon HD 5770 and 5870 graphics cards on the Mac OS X versions of existing SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab releases. Assimilate's CEO Jeff Edson told us that the OpenCL support of the AMD cards rounds out the existing options for GPU and playback, including AJA's Kona SDI and NVIDIA Quadro cards.

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