Introducing the art of SpeedLooks by LookLabs. Finally, a digital video looks package that works in real time the first time you use it. SpeedLooks was developed by artists, for artists, inspired by the best films of today and yesterday. SpeedLooks will bring the personality, character and beauty of film to any digital video project.

“SpeedLooks is a finely tuned preset plug-in that allows your footage to look and respond like traditional film. Itʼs fully integrated with the new Adobe CS6 Suite of Tools, including the new release of Adobe® SpeedGrade™ CS6. SpeedLooks is easy to download and install.” says Brian Vos, General Manager of LookLabs.

Now part of Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 and the new Lumetri Deep Color Engine add professional color correction and look design to your postproduction workflow.

SpeedLooks was developed by LookLabsʼ Jerome Sabourin csc, Cinematographer/Colorist and Jeff August, Editor/Colorist.

“Our preset looks allow you to move beyond simple 1D color manipulation into the world of 3DLUT, non-destructive deep color correction.” says Jeff August, Editor/Colorist of LookLabs.

Every look is tailored for today’s advanced digital cinema cameras such as the Arri Alexa, RED Epic and the Canon C300. SpeedLooks is also compatible with Rec. 709 footage shot on any digital camera and provides a consistent color palette and feel across all footage.

“You can even use SpeedLooks on-set to provide approvals of your chosen color or look.” says Jerome Sabourin, Cinematographer/Colorist of LookLabs.

SpeedLooks will be launched at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB ) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 14th, 2012. Jeff August says, “You can find me on the Main Stage of the Adobe booth demonstrating the new Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 on April 16-19 in Las Vegas. I will be showing off some of the great new features of SpeedGrade as well as introducing our company’s new product SpeedLooks.”

“Following each demo people can catch up with me at the SpeedGrade Pod at the Adobe booth. I will be available to answer any questions about SpeedGrade and SpeedLooks.” says August.