NAB has announced an ever-so-slight increase in attendance for the show this year — but if you thought the aisles were actually less crowded, you're right.

The organization released preliminary figures indicating that 92,112 registered attendees were at the event in Las Vegas, a gain of just 180 people compared to the previous year. That's essentially a wash, but there was a lot more space for all those attendees to move around in. Exhibit space was up almost 10 percent, reaching 815,000 square feet compared to 745,000 square feet in 2011.

At just under 25,000, visitors from 150 countries other than the U.S. made up about 27 percent of total attendees. 1,652 of them, about 1.8 percent, were classified as "news media."

NAB said it will continue to audit the numbers announced yesterday.