Panasonic Production Network to Establish Upload Centers in Major U.S. Cities

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 15, 2012) –Panasonic today announced that it is teaming with Aframe to create the Panasonic Production Network (PPN), a cloud video production network that allows professionals to rapidly upload and view their high-quality video from dedicated cloud servers.

Based in London with U.S. headquarters in Boston, Aframe’s cloud video production solutions have been providing services to the BBC, MTV, and award-winning production firms in Europe and the U.S. since 2009. In early April Aframe established operations in New York, Los Angeles and Boston to better meet the video production industry’s transformational shift to cloud computing and away from on-premises solutions.

Panasonic has targeted New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Boston and Dallas as the first cities to locate its upload centers, which link to Aframe’s cloud video production servers in the U.S. Panasonic anticipates that its first upload center will be operational in May of this year.

A cloud video production platform, Aframe saves professionals time, stress and money all the way through a production workflow. Users can share, search and collaborate without on-site equipment or full-time staff, and only requires an internet connection. Aframe allows for any original, large broadcast-quality video format in any length to be uploaded, including uncompressed raw footage – not proxies or intermediaries. The platform eliminates many of the issues associated with global video production, and is as easy to use as Facebook.

“Aframe delivers an answer to an issue most of our customers face: how to transmit and archive media,” said Michael Bergeron, Business Development Manager, Panasonic Systems Communications Company of North America (PSCNA). “Our alliance with Aframe delivers a further improvement to Panasonic’s well-established, popular file-based workflows, and provides our customers with a complete solution without requiring IT hardware.”

“Finally the technology is here to put the power of cloud computing to work for the professional video production workflow,” said David Peto, CEO and co-founder of Aframe. “We’re honored to be allied with Panasonic in making sure that video production companies anywhere in the world can access content easily and quickly, and streamline their entire workflow in the cloud.”