The project reunites Robert with director David Nutter, who he previously worked with on the hit 90s series Millennium

Vancouver based cinematographer Robert McLachlan is set to reunite professionally with director David Nutter on the hit television show Game of Thrones. Robert has been asked to be the director of photography for the two finale episodes of the third season for the popular HBO series. The episodes are expected to be the biggest and most spectacular to-date for the show, which is a fantasy television adaptation of George R. R. Martin's series of books, titled A Song of Ice and Fire. Filming will take place this summer and fall in Ireland, Croatia and Morocco. The episodes will air on the HBO network next year.

This project marks a reunion between McLachlan and Nutter, who previously collaborated on the formative award winning episodes of Chris Carter’s television series Millennium in the late 90’s where McLachlan’s influential, groundbreaking, moody, atmospheric visuals gained him widespread recognition and numerous awards. Following Millennium, McLachlan shifted from television to feature films. Nutter has since gone on to become TV’s most successful pilot director ever.

“I am really excited about working with David again. We have very similar instincts and aesthetics. And we both like to push the envelope every way we can. We also like to keep up a blistering pace. It keeps us all on our toes. I love it.”

McLachlan became a Director of Photography at the relatively young age of 29 after several years shooting documentaries and commercials, and has amassed many credits in almost every genre. Recognition of Robert’s work can be seen in his nomination to be chosen as a member of the very exclusive American Society of Cinematographers (ASC). A member since 2002, this is a highly sought after membership which includes the top 250 cinematographers around the world. Robert is also one of the few Vancouver based Director’s Guild of America members, and has been a member of the CSC (Canadian Society of Cinematographers) since 1987.