Company Aims to Make its Inexpensive Systems Competitive on the High End

OptiTrack announced the new Prime 41 motion-capture camera at SIGGRAPH this week. At $4999, it represents an upmarket move by the company, which hopes to make high-end motion capture affordable for the customers who have adopted its inexpensive mocap systems.

The Prime 41 is a 4.1 megapixel (2048×2048) camera that supports capture volumes of up to 75 feet by 150 feet with a range of 80 feet, sub-1mm precision, and a 51-degree field of view, the company said. It will soon be joined by the $3699 Prime 17, a 1.7 megapixel camera with a 70-degree field of view.

The company counts among its feature film VFX clients MPC, Luma Pictures, Halon, and Nvisage, and claims over 1000 installations of entry-level systems. An entry-level mocap system using the company's $599 V100 cameras currently costs $6500.