New Multi-Media Content Unit Addresses Spots, Video Games, Webisodes, Music Videos, and More

Microsoft, Snail Games, and Nike are among the first non-movie-studio clients for previs services from Hollywood's Persistence of Vision (POV). The company's new Multi-Media Content division will target producers of TV spots, video games, webisodes, music videos, and other non-feature-film content. 

"During the recent past, we’ve discovered that it’s not just major motion pictures that are taking advantage of the benefits of previs," said POV President and Founder David Dozoretz in a prepared statement. "Commercials, video games, music videos, web content and other mediums are also incorporating the previs process early within their production pipeline to derive better results in a shorter amount of time. This is the reason we felt the time was ripe for us, now, to launch our new multi-media content unit.”

The new division handled previs for a web series promoting Microsoft's Halo 4, working from game assets and generating new material for previs animations for action scenes in a new five-episode web series. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn debuts October 5, leading up to the launch of the Halo 4 Xbox game in November.

Other projects include a TV spot starring Jet Li that promoted the upcoming Snail Games online role-playing game Age of Wushu and an interactive Nike campaign featuring pro basketball player Chris Paul.

According to POV, the Nike production used a nine-camera set-up that qualified as the largest array of Red Epics ever used on a commercial. The nine cameras occupied 17 different camera positions (with one camera overlapping in each of two set-ups), capturing up to 12 green-screen layers per camera in a 170-degree arc, the company said. A total of 11 hours of footage were captured at 5K resolution over a two-and-a-half-day shoot. POV built a CG version of the set to figure out ideal camera positions before photography began. To see the finished project, visit

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