Record Mirrored Backups Simultaneously for More Reliable, Secure Recording

Sony has unveiled a new line of recording media, the PX Series, with a unique mirroring function the company says more reliably backs up and secures file-based footage acquired on its NXCAM camcorders. The new cards, called "Mirroring Memory Sticks" by the company, will be available in 16, 32 and 64 GB capacities in October. They include a new gray backing aimed at easier identification during dimly lit or outdoor shoots.

The mirroring function essentially lets users record to two distinct segments on the card simultaneously, giving the shooter access to the undamaged block if and when errors occur. A built-in Error Correction Code (ECC) catches and corrects errors as they happen and a Data Refresh feature pushes data over to the "safe" zone on the undamaged segment before the error takes down the card with it. Those who want the full GB capacity of the media available during a shoot have the option to turn off the mirroring function.

Sony is also offering free downloads of its File Rescue Software, which supports 3D AVCHD and can help recover photos and video accidentally deleted.

For more information: Sony