If you were interested at all in the big DaVinci Resolve 9 beta that was released last week then you might also be interested in a couple of relatively new color grading/color correction resources that have come online in recent months.  

First is a new forum website dedicated to all things color grading called Lift Gamma Gain. You have to register and have that registration approved to be able to post but there are a lot of forums that cover both the technical and creative side of color grading. Categories include Industry, Technique, Tools and Hardware. The site came online earlier in the year so there are a small number of posts overall. But if you dig into some of the threads, there are a lot of hardcore colorsists commenting on a wide variety of topics. I've been reading it for a while and made my first comment just the other day. As an editor who has to do occasional color correction work, I must admit I feel like a bit of a poser commenting on there, but I always learn something new.

If you're thinking you'd rather listen to color grading talk and not read or comment, a new color grading podcast came to life recently called The Coloristos ColorCast (seen above; here's an iTunes link). According to the website, "The Coloristos ColorCast is a monthly podcast about Film and Television Color Grading, Color Science, and Post-Production. If you're interested or involved in color grading, finishing, and digital intermediate post-production, this show is for you."

Can't get a much more straightforward description than that! Already three episodes in, Coloristo episodes to date have discussed a range of topics, including Smoke for Mac 2013, Baselight, monitors and—of course—Resolve 9. I just love the world of podcasting, especially when we can get an entire show dedicated to such a focused topic.

The three participating podcast coloristos are (from the Coloristos ColorCast websiteJosh Petok, a colorist working on reality and episodic television in Los Angeles; Juan Salvo, a colorist and online editor for films and commercials in New York; and Jason Myres, a colorist and post-production engineer in Los Angeles. All three of these coloristos are also moderators and/or active participants at the Lift Gamma Gain forums. This post has now come full circle.