QuickTime Player X got you down? Then you might be interested in the brand new Pro Player from the folks at Digital Heaven. Pro Player is a lot like its name sounds. It's a simple application designed for playback of different file formats in an interface that is both uncluttered but full of file information at the same time. I was able to test a beta of Pro Player and I found it quick and easy to use.

Most of the primary information about a clip is displayed at the bottom of the main window and doesn't require a second floating window to be opened or positioned, as QuickTime Player (both X and 7) does. Details including codec, resolution, length, file size and audio format are a few of the things displayed. The big timecode display at the bottom of the screen is another thing that makes Pro Player a bit more pro than other viewing applications and something editors require. Add in lots of transport controls like JKL scrubbing and an option to set an IN and OUT point and you've got a useful tool. A time-customizable jump back button is a nice touch as well. It is currently missing a jump forward button but I've already feature-requested that one with the folks at Digital Heaven.

Here is the full list of bullet points from Digital Heaven's site:

• Clean and simple single-window interface
• Large timecode (or absolute time) display
• No overlays – see an unobstructed view of your movie at all times
• View alpha channel as white on black
• Change background to checkerboard for viewing transparency
• Dedicated panel for video, audio and timecode track information
• JKL keyboard control.
• Shuttle and jog by dragging on viewer
• Visual display of current shuttle speed
• Jump back command with selectable times in preferences
• Looping and selection modes
• Single-key full screen mode with optional zoom animation
• Reveal current movie in Finder
• Visual recent files display with thumbnails and last opened time
• Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts

Pro Player went on sale today and current pricing sits at $19.99 for its introductory week. The regular price is $29.99. Unfortunately, there's no free demo, like there is of other Digital Heaven products, for Pro Player. Make sure you check over the features closely before you buy to make sure you need it.