Content Will Be Completed in 2D and 3D Versions for Airing, Licensing to Partners

Stereo 3D has lost a bit of its luster as box-office revenue has hit a plateau and consumers have largely declined to embrace the format for home entertainment. Still, there's a need for quality 3D content that can also be distributed to the vast majority of viewers who watch it flat. And it's increasingly looking like 4K-resolution displays may be the next big thing coming down the pike for consumer electronics.

So 3net, that all-3D cable channel bankrolled by Sony, Discovery, and Imax, is launching the 4K-focused 3net Studios, based at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles and at Discovery Communications in Silver Spring, MD. 

3net Studios will produce native 3D content at 4K resolution for airing on 3net as well as for licensing to other broadcasters and distributors. "Select projects," the company said, will be completed in 3D 4K, 2K, and HD versions as well as in flat 4K and HD.

"The formation of a world-class production studio to help fill both the 3D and ultra-high-definition content voids became a logical next step in our evolution," said 3net President and CEO Tom Cosgrove in a prepared statement.

3net said the first projects to be produced under the new 3net Studios banner will be announced within a few weeks, promising both longform and shortform content in a variety of genres. 

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