The Assimilate Store Will Let You Rent Scratch for Anywhere from One Day to Three Months

Assimilate announced this week that it would begin offering a rental option for its Scratch and Scratch Lab products via its website. Customers can use a credit card or PaylPal account to rent Scratch or Scratch Lab for anywhere from a single day to three full months, then view manage and extend their license through the new My Assimilate online portal.

Assimilate VP of Marketing Steve Bannerman said the new rental options were designed to give users additional financial flexibility as they move from show to show. "It can't just be about product speeds and feeds anymore," he said in a prepared statement. "It has to be about fitting the new way on-set professionals work — making them more productive and helping them make money.

Scratch is a comprehensive digital workflow solution with applications in dailies, conform, color-correction, compositing and finishing, while Scratch Lab functions as a dailies or VFX review system. Both of the products support formats including Arriraw, Sony's F65/F55, Vision Research Phantom, and Canon 5D, as well as all resolutions of Red One, Scarlet, and Epic footage. Scratch and Scratch Lab run on Mac OS X and Windows 7 with AJA Kona graphics cards providing SDI and 3G output.

Scratch Lab Scratch
One day: $50 One day: $150
One week: $250 One week: $800
One month: $650 One month: $2,100
Three months: $1,800 Three months: $6,000

For more information, visit the Assimilate website.