Second Release in Six Months Expands Avid-Eyeon Fusion Workflow

Eyeon updated its Eyeon Connection plug-in for Avid's AVX2 architecture to v1.5, adding new features to its round-trip functionality between Eyeon Fusion and Avid Media Composer, Symphony, NewsCutter, and DS.

By building a bridge between Avid's NLE environment and Fusion's node-based compositing tools, Connection is (like Autodesk's new Smoke 2013) a way for editors to get at high-end VFX functionality and see that work reflected on their editorial timeline.

New features incorporated in v1.5 include single layer and node multi-input from DS composite containers; clip and track effect support for DS containers, support for 10-bit video remapping to 16-bit float in Media Composer and Symphony, and to 32-bit float in DS 11.02; VFX comp versioning, allowing editors to view and switch VFX results on the Avid timeline; uncompressed or compressed Fusion raw files; and faster processing from the Media Composer and Symphony timelines.

Watch the video demo above to learn more about using Eyeon Connection v1.5 with the Avid DS. For more information, visit the Eyeon website.