Tweaks Autofocus and Flash-Band Compensation, Improves S/N Ratio, Adds Preset for High-Gain Shooting

JVC announced a new firmware update (version 0104) for its GY-HM600 ProHD camera today. The firmware improves the camera's autofocus and signal-to-noise ratio, JVC said, as well as flash-band compensation for dealing with banding effects on the CMOS sensor.

Two shooting presets, standard and extended, have been added, allowing shooters to switch quickly to a high-gain mode for shooting in low light. Also new is "AF Assist" functionality in the camera's auto-focus mode.

The file is available from JVC's website, and can be loaded using an SDHC card inserted into slot B. Cameras now shipping from both dealers and JVC already include the v0104 upgrade.