Movcam Cage Gives Sony's Newest Cameras an Array of Mounting Options

16×9 announced its new Movcam Cage system, designed to give early adopters of Sony's new F5 and F55 camera systems a variety of configuration options. The system, which comprises a top plate, top handle kit, side handles, LWS base plate, shoulder pad, LWS dovetail plate and EVF mount, sells for $1,950.

The top handle is a standard length with front and rear extensions that bring it to a total of 15 inches. The base plate has rosettes for attaching handgrips and locking 15mm rod supports for holding the sliding shoulder pad, which is designed to add extra support for the F5 and F55's onboard recorder or other modules mounted on the back. The top handle kit and sinde handles are riddled with 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch threaded holes. 

The Movcam Cage is compatible with all existing Movcam accessories, including mattebox, follow-focus, and handgrips.