Existing Alexa Owners Will Have Upgrade Options for Most XT Features

ARRI revamped its line of Alexa digital cinema cameras this week with the new Alexa XT series. The company says the XT cameras (the letters stand for "Xtended Technology") will replace all of the previous Alexa models except for the original. The new lineup includes the Alexa XT, the Alexa XT M, the Alexa XT Plus, and the Alexa XT Studio.

The key difference across the XT Line is that the new cameras come with the XR Module. Developed in cooperation with Codex Digital, the new side panel allows ARRIRAW, ProRes 4444, and DNxHD to be recorded in-camera to 512 GB XR Capture Drives. An SxS adapter will be avilable for compatibility with legacy media.

The XT cameras also sport internal ND filters via the IFM-1 filter module, which allows them to be rated at EI 800 in bright sunlight, ARRI said. Precision IRND filters are available at eight densities ranging from ND 0.3 to ND 2.4.

Alexa XT models have now been standardized with a 4:3 sensor in a Super 35 configuration, allowing true anamorphic photography with an included "de-squeeze" license for getting the footage out of the camera at the proper aspect ratio. ARRI noted that non-anamorphic productions can use the 4:3 sensor as if they were shooting 4-perf 35mm, which allows reframing opportunities in post.

The Alexa XT cameras also include a high-speed license for shooting at up to 120 fps, an ARRI Lens Data System (LDS) lens mount that writes the position of every LDS-compatible lens ring into metadata, a new, stronger viewfinder mounting bracket supported by two 15mm rods (plus viewfinder extension bracket with a fold-out arm, offered as an accessory), and a more noiseless fan. Options that are available to existing Alexa owners include the XR Module, the IFM-1 in-camera filter module, the VMB-3 viewfinder mounting bracket and its cousin, the VEB-3 viewfinder extension bracket, the new XT fan, and the licenses for high-speed shooting and anamorphic de-squeeze.

For more information, visit ARRI's Alexa XT page: www.arri.de