Video Editors and Music Supervisors Can Remix and Rearrange Music to Fit a Scene

Responding to longstanding requests from music supervisors that it make original stems available to allow easy remixing of production music tracks, Extreme Music has launched Customix, a new tool that it says will let music supervisors and video editors take on the roles of arrangers and mix engineers.

The new Customix tool, built on SongCruncher technology from UJAM, provides a simple multitrack interface that allows users to raise or lower the volume of individual instruments, change the tempo of a piece (without its pitch moving up or down at the same time) and even create a new arrangement of the song that exactly matches the length or tempo of a scene, without destroying the underlying structure of the musical piece.

"This really is a giant leap forward and seriously changes the game," said Customix user Kevin Edelmen, music supervisor at Metalman Music, whose credits include Homeland, Bones, and Criminal Minds, in an endorsement quote provided by Extreme Music.

Extreme Music is the flagship client for UJAM's SongCruncher technology. which can be used in conjunction with any online music catalog. SongCryncher is designed for use with original stems, but works even with stereo mixes. The company said it's seeking a patent on a central algorithm that automatically shortens or lengthens tracks while preserving the original composition and musical arc, based in part on metadata added to the track as part of a conversion process. The company said converting a song for use in SongCruncher is "quick, easy and semi-automatic."

"Customix essentially gives users thousands of new variations, dramatically adding to their creative arsenal," said Extreme Music co-founder and CEO Russell Emanuel in a prepared statement. The production music library is part of Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

For more on Customix, visit Extreme Music's website. To learn more on the SongCruncher technology, visit UJAM