Gamma & Density (G&D) launched ExpressColor, a new $2.99 iOS 6 app for the iPhone and iPad that allows users to import a still frame, set a look using color wheels and presets, and export the graded image along with a 3D LUT or CDL. G&D says the app calibrates the iPhone's display for accurate display of images in Rec. 709 color space.
Preset looks include an Alexa Log-C to Rec. 709 transformation, emulators for Kodak and Fujifilm negative and print stock, and a variety of colored gels. G&D said the app exports the following types of LUTs: Academy; Apple Color; Autodesk Flame, Lustre and Smoke; DaVinci Resolve; Blackmagic HDLink Pro; Thomson LUTher; Nucoda; Panavision GDP; Pogle; Assimilate Scratch; Technicolor Digital Printer Lights; Truelight Cube; and ASC CDL.