Updates Out for Premiere Pro CC and Prelude CC

Adobe today released its Adobe Anywhere collaborative workflow platform for video, which allows members of a team to share and work together on centralized media from distant locations.

Targeted at broadcasters and large enterprise customers, Adobe Anywhere software is installed on a server cluster hosted on-premises for maximum control and security. The Adobe Anywhere Collaboration Hub software manages project information and controls simultaneous user access to project files, and the Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine generates real-time viewing streams from Premiere Pro CC and Prelude CC sequences with GPU accelerated effects. Support for After Effects is coming later this year, Adobe said.

An intelligent codec scales the streams to match available bandwidth — Adobe says Wi-Fi networks will usually work for viewing content on small screens like tablets and laptops, and even low-quality 3G and cellular networks can enable certain management views, including status information, event feeds and metadata. 

"Video production has always been challenging because it's difficult for multiple editors to work on the same project and pass huge files back and forth across the Internet," said Jim Guerard, Adobe's VP of enterprise solutions. "With Adobe Anywhere … team members can work together with centralized media and assets, making it possible for remote users to work jointly on a project from virtually anywhere."

Adobe Anywhere is not part of Creative Cloud, but the Creative Cloud applications are required to use it. (In other words, it won't work with Premiere Pro CS6.)

Also today, Adobe said it was releasing updates to Premiere Pro CC and Prelude CC with 25 new features that the company said focus on "increased speed and ease of the editing process." A company rep said those include "new options for creating and duplicating titles, linking and unlinking clips, [and] keyboard shortcuts for clearing in/out points, navigating edit points and toggling between source and program monitors.