$55,000 Covers Any Number of Licenses at All Sites Worldwide; Permanent Licenses Still Available

After announcing new "direct rental" options for Scratch and Scratch Lab late last year, Assimilate has dramatically expanded its licensing options, offering enterprise users an annual all-you-can-eat fee for unlimited use.

Rentals of Scratch and Scratch Lab are still available by the day, week, or month, but facilities now have the option to buy an annual subscription giving them unlimited use of software licenses. An enterprise-wide license for Scratch is $55,000/year, or $20,000 for Scratch Lab only. That covers usage at any number of sites operated by a single enterprise, worldwide, and includes all maintenance and support. For a single site, an annual Scratch subscription is $33,000, including maintenance and support. (Scratch Lab is not available for annual subscriptions on a single-site basis.)

Three-month rental options are no longer offered. Site license customers will continue to manage their licenses through the company's MyAssimilate website.

Permanent licenses remain available through resellers as well as the Assimilate store, with a Scratch Lab license running $5,990 and the full Scratch software priced at $20,995.