New NevronMotion Plug-in Supports Live Puppeting with Microsoft Kinect Sensor

NewTek debuted NevronMotion, a new motion-capture retargeting plug-in for the just-announced LightWave 11.6 that lets artists and animators use the Microsoft Kinect sensor to quickly retarget motion data to 3D models.

Users fit a preset NevronMotion skeleton to their own model and enable deformations in LightWave Layout. When an FBX file is imported, that mocap data can be aligned with and retargeted onto the NevronMotion skeleton. But users can also use the Kinect as a source for mocap data, puppeting the rig's motion in real time. Kinect mocap data can also be saved out for later use.

LightWave 11.6 isn't scheduled to ship in the fourth quarter of 2013, but NewTek is offering a "pre-release" version of NevronMotion with a "SIGGRAPH show special" price of $199 that was still in effect as this story went to press. It's available for purchase in the NewTek LightWave store. Watch the video, below, to see more on NevronMotion.

New features in LightWave 11.6 will include new animation tools, an OpenGL-based asset preview system for virtual production, previs, and game development, exporting to 3D-printer formats, and stereo-3D review. LightWave 11.6 will be priced at $1495, or as a $695 upgrade.