V3.2.0 Supports Media Composer 7, MP3 Format, ProRes PAL, and More

Red Giant bumped PluralEyes for Mac OS X to v3.2.0 yesterday with a free update for existing customers.

The new Mac version adds support for Avid's recently released Media Composer 7, recognizes MP3 files as external audio sources, and fixes problems with ProRes PAL footage, spanned P2 MXF files, and more.

Here's Red Giant's list of feature updates: 

  • Added support for Avid Media Composer 7
  • Improved error reporting: error messages will now be more helpful in diagnosing an issue during a sync. 
  • Fixed an issue with synced Canon 60D footage and FCP X
  • Now supports Avid Medai Composer 5.0 AAF files
  • Now reads both audio channels for MXF files
  • Fixed an issue with AVI files crashing PluralEyes
  • Added support for imported media where audio gain was applied in Avid Media Composer
  • Fixed a crashing issue for CS5 projects that use empty bins
  • Now properly handles ProRes PAL footage
  • Now properly supports audio tracks with more than two channels
  • Can now import AAF files that use Unicode characters
  • Fixed an issue with 44.1 kHz WAV files
  • Spanned P2 MXF files will no longer show up as an "Unsupported Format"
  • Using MP3 files as external audio is now supported
  • Merged clips will preserve markers
  • Now preserves clip spacing when importing an AAF file
  • Fixed problem with media captured from iMovie, CineForm Studio, and Final Cut Express
  • Fixed a playback issue where only Camera 1 plays immediately after sync
  • Fixed an issue where a compound clip in FCP X causes PluralEyes to crash upon export 
  • Now properly supports FCP 6
  • Added an option to save the synced project to a specified location

Download the update for your existing copy of PluralEyes from Red Giant's website, or sign up for a fully functional trial version.

Red Giant: www.redgiant.com/