Facility Includes 18-Seat Theater with 19-Foot Screen and Avid Pro Tools Dual Icon Board

Deluxe New York opened a new 800-square-foot sound-mixing stage at its facility at 435 Hudson Street in the West Village. The facility includes an 18-seat theater driven by an Avid Pro Tools dual Icon board, with film and digital projection on a 19-by-11-foot screen.

"For the many productions also working at Deluxe New York for their color-grading or editorial needs, this top-flight mixing stage in the same building is an extra convenience," said GM Domenic Rom in a prepared statement. 

The first mixer to occupy the space was Craig Henighan, who used it to work on "a major studio feature slated for release next year" (we're guessing it's Noah, but Deluxe isn't saying). "We were in there as soon as the paint was dry," Henighan said in a prepared statement.

The new Deluxe stage follows on the heels of the 27-seat 4K DI theater opened this summer at Digital Arts on 29th Street uptown, which doubles as a high-end mix stage with a Meyer Sound monitoring system.