Project Begins Life As Simple CSV File Created from Filemaker Database

The Visual Effects Society is developing a specification for a standard camera report in CSV format that will allow critical data about camera settings and characteristics to be transfered from production to post and into the realm of visual effects.

Using a simple Filemaker 11 database as a starting point, VES Technology Committee member and project leader Sam Richards has been working with VFX artists and data wranglers to define the standard set of fields that are necessary and specify the format for importing and exporting the data. The camera report format is meant to support multicamera film and digital shoots as well as 3D stereo projects.

One reason Filemaker is being used as a baseline for the project is that a version of Filemaker is available free for the iPhone and iPad, reducing the burden for smaller productions. Other options will be considered, especially those that integrate more directly with digital cameras.

An article published today at FXGuide offers more background on the proposal. Detailed information is available from the project's website, while Richards is soliciting feedback from studios, VFX facilities, and data wranglers via a dedicated VES Camera Report Working Group Google group.

VES Camera Reports: