Coming in February, the Phantom v2010 Will Shoot 22,000 fps

If your primary need is for speed, you'll be happy to hear that the engineers at Vision Research have cooked up an even faster ultra-high-speed camera. The new Phantom v2010 will shoot at more than 22,000fps at the camera's full 1280×800 resolution, or at more than 25,000fps at 1280×720. That means it captures image data at more than 22 Gigapixels per second — almost 40 percent faster than the Phantom v1610, the company said.

"With its ability to capture high-resolution images at ultra high speeds, the V2010 brings a new level of performance to scientists, researchers, engineers or anyone who needs to capture data otherwise invisible to the human eye," said Vision Research Director of Marketing Rick Robinson in a prepared statement. 

Vision Research uses proprietary 35.8mm x 22.4mm sensors with 28-micron pixels that increase sensitivity in low-light situations, the company said, and record using 12-bit pixel depth.

The camera will be configurable with 24 GB, 48 GB, or 96 GB of memory, segmented into as many as 63 partitions, allowing multiple (shorter) shots to be taken without downloading data from the camera via 10Gb Ethernet or to a CineMag in between takes. (It takes about 90 seconds to save a 96 GB shot to an attached CineMag, with data transfer speeds of 1 GB/sec.) Footage can be accessed either by playing the CineMag through the camera itself, or by using the Phantom CineStation CineMag reader that connects to a PC over Ethernet.

The camera has a fan system to reduce heat, but the fans can be temporarily switched off for use when the vibrations would destroy the shot, such as microscopic photography.

The v2010 is slated to ship in early February.