New Mac Drivers Tune Performance of Io 4K, Other AJA Hardware

AJA has added high-frame-rate support to its Thunderbolt 2-enabled Io 4K I/O hardware, upgrading its Mac drivers to support 50, 59.94 and 60fps at both 4K and UltraHD resolution. The iO 4K provides real-time 4K and UHD downconversion over a range of input and output connections, including HDMI 1.4, 3G-SDI, dual-link 4:4:4 HD, and 4K/QuadHD 4:4:4, with Thunderbolt 2 connections for hooking up a workstation like the new Mac Pro or a fast storage device.

The latest software also supports more formats in the AJA DataCalc application as well as the ability to switch between progressive and PsF in the AJA Control Panel. Format support and performance have also been tuned up for the Io XT, Io Express, T-TAP and KONA capture cards.

The Io 4K sells for $1,995; the software upgrade is free from AJA.