Promotion Touts 10th Anniversary of GV's NLE, Highlights Canon's Continuous Recording Feature

Through August 31 in North America (and until December 31 elsewhere) Canon and Grass Valley are offering a free download of Grass Valley's Edius Pro 7 NLE to purchasers of a Canon EOS C100 digital cinema camera.

The promotion is being tied to the 10-year anniversary of the Edius software, Grass Valley said. But the companies noted that Edius is a good match for the C100 because it supports a new firmware-enabled function on the C100 called continuous recording.

The continuous-recording feature allows shooters to leave the camera in record mode, hitting a button to set in and out points, in real time, denoting important events while the camera is rolling. When the footage is ingested to Edius, the in and out marker information is automatically carried over and the longer takes broken down into indivudal shots according to the markers.

Edius may not be one of the big three NLEs, but it is widely used—especially in newsgathering environments. Grass Valley would obviously like to see other categories of users give it a spin, as well. "We engineered Edius Pro 7 to stand out from the competition," said Grass Valley Senior VP of Strategic Marketing Mike Cronk in a prepared statement, "and the fact that it can edit in real time without rendering results in a huge time savings for those working under tight production schedules."

The latest released version of Edius is 7.2, although feature updates to be found in the upcoming 7.3 have been announced. They include AAF exchange capabilities with DaVinci Resolve, timecode support for Sony's XAVC S format, support for 4K files from Panasonic's Lumix GH4, I/O support for Matrox MXO2, MXO2 Rack, and Mojito Max, and support for 96kHz and 192kHz audio.

If you're curious about Edius but don't have a Canon C100 on your shopping list, a 31-day trial version of Edius Pro 7 is available for download from the Grass Valley website. The software has a list price of $699.