Will Team with Sony, Facilis and Adobe in Two L.A. Events June 3

As the camera choices for acquiring 4K images continue to expand, capturing and processing that data for multiple deliverables becomes an increasingly critical part of the process. Next week in L.A., Cinedeck—with partners Sony, Adobe and Facilis—will demonstrate a simplified workflow that the company says decreases the time to post and reduces expenses. “4K/2K/HD Workflow Made Simple" will be presented at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 3, at Sony Pictures Studios, DMPC in Culver City.

The key time-saver, says Cinedeck, is its Cinedeck MX record, ingest and transcode platform, which simultaneously encodes 4K YUV10, HD Master, HD Proxy and streamable H.264. Beginning with the high dynamic range footage from Sony's F55 camera, the demo will show how the wide-gamut images from the F55 can be exported via 3G-SDI in 4K, even at frame rates up to 60p, to external recorders — in this case the Cinedeck MX. The encoded footage can then be recorded directly to Facilis Terrablock shared storage, making it readily available to editorial systems, such as Adobe Premiere Pro via Creative Cloud.

Cinedeck will also be exhibiting Cinedeck MX, as well as its RX3G camera-to-post workflow system, at Cine Gear Expo beginning June 6, and internationally in Mexico City at Expo Cine Video Television June 6-7 (partnering with leading Mexican broadcast and cinema reseller Artec) and in Singapore at Broadcast Asia 2014 June 17-20.